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  1. Meria Mata

    Meria Mata Village Sponsor

    What's your take on the video referee?
    Mie naona boli itakua boring
  2. x-trail

    x-trail Village Elder

  3. 123tokambio

    123tokambio Village Sponsor

    Usikuwe Joshua. Wacha competition iishe kwanza kisha tuchanganue...
  4. crasher_18

    crasher_18 Village Elder


    J'ai fini...

  5. Edru Dwinnax

    Edru Dwinnax Senior Villager

  6. Conservative dude

    Conservative dude Village Elder

    Good thing is that no goals would be scored from offside positions.

    However, I'm not sure about dubious penalties or freekicks awarded by the center referees. Center referees still have a lot of discretion and can determine the direction a match will go.
  7. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    Niko nyuma ya teknoloji si maradona kuiba wins
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  8. negrowegrow

    negrowegrow Village Elder

    Niko kwenu boss hii joto tamalisa Mimi.I have only slept for 30 minutes.Fan haisaidii
  9. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Kwanza hiyo ng'ombe Sanchez mpaka kwa FA ilifunga na mkono. Hizo ndio ufala video ref atamaliza.
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