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Saw the report but it had no mbisha. Updated it on ***.
Rusha mbisha kaa uko nazo.
Ameangushwa bamburi wapi
The best way to punish babu is financially. Lawsuits and cracking down on his businesses. The best place to attack any politician is his pocket. It worked wonders on Joho before the elections. Politicians can't operate international businesses effectively. If you make sure all his local operations are on lockdown, and his bank accounts are frozen, you have him by the nuts. Cold war.
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Ni KTN boss. Babu ameongea matope kuhusu judiciary. I hope for his sake that there is no petition against his win coz if there is,atarushwa nje asubihi. How can he impute that the CJ was an arranged appointment? Aombe mungu wake.
Babu Owino is smart. Just extremely stupid with the thought process of a toothbrush. I know that's ironical but it is what it is.


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Murang'a cownty - wondering why this club waiter feels the need to pop that smoke bellower every five minutes. You would think we need it to make biodegestable gas! Silly guy. 12.45 - Murang'a