Usiku Sacco

Niko tu hapa. Though I wish we could be one nation under God, I am also fully aware that the greatest mischief that can befall a man is to fail to guard and constantly improve the most important organ of his body....his mind for that leads to an incomplete being....a brute if you may. Such a being becomes a constant vexation to his fellow right minded beings. Creating dissension and hatred. May God create a path upon which we can walk on.

Miss Finest Wine

Hope you are all fine, mambo sio poa hapa nchini. Kikiumana our so called leaders wataenda majuu sisi tubaki huku tukilimana.
Cry the beloved country
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Marking in at 21.28. Need to get loads of sleep so will be off shortly. Have not had dinner yet but heading to the kitchen in a bit. We genuine folk out here are vvv worried about you all. All shall be well, we think. With some lives lost so again STAY SAFE.