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Awa wakale wa mapesa si wanunue shamba? Wanaiba sana.
you forget that not long ago all you needed to acquire land was a "Presidential Grant". what would have been difficult in Moi rewarding himself with a few acres - "kamugunda ka minoga" (@FieldMarshal CouchP , @fabian mburu please come explain this!) and it was all legit....

let us know our history before rushing into debates headon only armed with prejudices....


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More court drama involving former President Moi land. He needs to trusted hand to help him now before all he has is finished by those close to him.

A lawyer accused of obtaining Sh2.5 million in the illegal sale of a parcel of lanf belonging to former President Daniel Moi was charged at the Nakuru Law court on Tuesday 12, July 2016. Photo/BEN NDONGA
An Eldoret-based lawyer was on Tuesday charged in a Nakuru court for the illegal sale of land belonging to former President Daniel Moi. Duke Nyamweya had failed to make an earlier appearance in court to plead to the charges, although he had been issued a Sh100,000 bond. He is accused of receiving Sh2.5 million on November 17, 2015 from David Cheruiyot Rono as part of payment of the 100 acre piece of land. He also faces charges forging the signatures of Shamila Chepkemei on November 16, 2015, in a land sale agreement of plot number NAKURU/OLENGURUONE/KIPTANGICH/1, registered to Ismael Chelang'a. The court heard that Rono deposited the money in Nyamweya's account after seeing the piece of land, and promised to pay the rest in 90 days. When Rono know that the land belonged to the former President, he asked for a refund. Nyamweya failed to return the money, prompting Rono to seek justice in court. The accused, through his lawyer Haron Kibet, told the court that he lost his mother on Tuesday, explaining his absence to take plea. But State counsel Hillary Sungoiyo accused the defence of interfering with witnesses to derail the case. Sungoiyo asked the court to revoke the Sh100,000 cash bail granted to the accused, and asked the defence to provide proof that the accused is bereaved. In response, Kibet said the prosecution failed by procuring fake officers to investigate the matter.

“The investigating officers are [impersonators] and were demanding bribe from the accused. They harassed him at his office in Eldoret,” Kibet said.

The prosecution failed to address the court on the allegation. Chief magistrate David Kimei ruled that the bail be forfeited to the state and Nyamweya be issued with an arrest warrant for contempt of court. The case will be mentioned on July 19.
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