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Meria Mata

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PornHub turns masturbation into energy in bid to save the planet

Your smartphone can now run on masturbation


Friday 27 February 2015

With an estimated 41 million people visiting it every day, PornHub figured it might be time to channel all that furious fapping into something more useful than brief, boredom-relieving ecstasy.

"Every day, millions of hours of adult content are consumed online, wasting energy in the process and hurting the environment," the porn site writes on a dedicated website.

"At Pornhub we decided to do something about it. Introducing The Wankband: The first wearable tech that allows you to love the planet by loving yourself."

The band creates power when moved in an up and down motion, with a kinetic charger inside storing the clean (albeit slightly dirty) energy generated.

It can then be connected via USB to smartphones, tablets and computers, powering them with 100% sustainable energy.

This is not the first time the site has dipped into conservation in a bid to clean up its reputation, having previously promised to plant a new tree for every 100 videos watched on its site.

PornHub is trying to de-stigmatise the viewing of pornography, and recently started advertising out in the real world using SFW billboards.


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