Uzi ya UCL offisio

wanarudi ufaransa na 3+ goals, theatre of dreams Si mchezo. Their poster Roller boy is out when they need him most which is becoming a trend, another goal Option Cavani who has a thigh injury might be forced to play, just like they forced verrati to play with an ankle injury.

Mbape and Di Maria are their star Guyz tonight.


Roma have a good record at home in the domestic league while Porto have an awful away streak. They drew in their domestic league game.
This game will be a good game for Roma to settle the 3-0 their suffered at the hands of Porto in the 2016 UCL campaign.

My take all home expect Ajax to win their 1st leg games GBWA-20190212152530.jpg images.jpeg


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PSG is gonna learnnn todayyyyy, they will not know what hit them...

4-0 to Manchester, with each of these guys on the score sheet :D:D:D:D

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