Vehicle number-plates in Kenya


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I can see that, but doesn't the government have better priorities, like making money?
And you can still have levels to it, like a full name numberplate like the "Gathecha" one above can cost more, but simpler ones can cost less, e.g M0T0 KAL1 or something along those lines...
The most expensive custom number plate in the world is the simplest. Number 1. Cost £7+ mirrions in auction(cost more than the car) . Others include VIP 1 ya Roman Abrovamich. Any number plate ranging 1-999 in foreign countries will fetch a fortune.(millions of dollars in Arab countries)
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No replies insulting me or anybody else please, if somebody doesn't know, educate them.

With that being said, why are custom number-plates a luxury in Kenya only open to the wealthy? You'd think that the government making customization accessible to the millions of car owners in Kenya would be the smart move. It would obviously be at a reasonable premium over the current number-plates, let's say if the current cost is Ksh 2,000 for normal plates, charge Ksh 5,000 for custom ones.
That should earn the government some extra revenue as well as giving people what they want,.
Win, win right?
everyone would have a custom number plate = impractical.


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when you give such luxuries to poor men you destroy the country. Sex has destroyed kibera. The only luxury available to poor citizens should be a glass of cold water.