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Senior Villager
Morning guys,
Back in campus, there was this core member of our crew and still is one of my best friends (name withheld) who always found it a little too hard when it came to eating persons.. He ate persons once in a while but after a long struggle and after pouring a lot of money.. Sometimes we felt he tried to climb too high in the food chain and try to eat cookies that were way out of our league, or sometimes he employed the wrong tactics at the right time.

For instance, when we were 2nd year he hunted for a fresher.. Instead of capitalizing on the naivety of the fresher and eat her within the first 2 days of meeting, he started showing her a good life.. Youghurt and Pizza.. And taking random gifts to her in the hostel.. The fresher "dangled the carrot" that she will give my nigga cookie but it never came.. My nigga continued pouring money and within a month the persons had drunk yoghurt, eaten chocolate and pizza totaling to figures above 15000/-...thats a lot of money for a student to burn.. Meanwhile another member of the crew hunted for the best friend if the girl, ate her and jumped within 3 weeks.. All this time my nigga was still investing... It took us a whole night trying to explain to him that he is sowing his seeds on rocky grounds.. He stopped investing.. But that 15k pained us alot, so we decided that one of our crew members must climb the persons in order to recoup the investment.. 6 years down the line 3 of my niggas have eaten that cookie and we feel that we have recovered our friends money.. I personally haven't eaten the cookie.. I am just a consultant.

Another time when we were in 3rd year, the nigga in context hunted for another persons called Velma.. They were staying in same plot.. So my guy would buy some shopping for the girl even before he ate cookie.. One day he bought a tray of eggs and kept it in girl's place.. One day a guy we had never seen before visited the girl and he was cooked for eggs.. When my nigga went to check on his girl, he found door was closed from inside.. He knocked but nobody opened.. He peeped through small hole and saw the strange nigga resting on the bed without a shirt and sweating profusely, signs that he had eaten someone..

We ganged up and decided to flush the strange nigga from the girl's house and beat him up.. Kamau was the leader of the mission.. Velma opened the door and Kamau stormed in. 3 seconds later we heard a loud scream form inside the house.. When we got in, we found Velma holding Kamau by the kneck and slapping him senselessly...Velma was a huge momo and very strong, almost like Wangu wa Makeri. Mission was abandoned with one of our men down... Many years later I met Velma in some pub along Kamakis and that day I revenged for the historical injustices committed against my friends
hahahahaha eish ati you gang up juu ya ujinga ya mtu, such an issue u let the guy sort himself out unless u normally combine as u eat the cookies,... now tell us how u revenged against historical injustices prrriiiiisssss, and Kama may have had shares there vile alikubali kuwa ringleader


Village Elder
Hehe, campus was fun, tryna figure out women, failing mostly due to their many mind games but the sex was mind blowin tho.. Fun times


Senior Villager
You know... The way I used to empty some of those condom dispensers. I used to pull a belt of condoms when stocked. But it's not like it always came down to it. Sometimes these chilles would refuse ama you go raw LOL


Village Elder
I really dont know vile wasee wengine hukatia makurubembe.
Maze at times i have intervined and assured the chick in question point blank bila kublink.