video assistant referee BVR sorry VAR..


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DCpMCMbXgAARtiw.jpg Good football is now TBT. VAR is being used for the first time at the confederations cup in putnistan.
two goals have already been dissalowed.. will football be ever be the same again.. DCqcjTBV0AIIIXi.jpg players have to wait for at least two minutes to celebrate their goal.
as they wait they can keep themselves bissy playing Nintendo..


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The only thing this VAR should provide is a second opinion on is stuff like what Sergio Ramos did to Cuadrado in the UCL finals. Kwa mabao, they should just wing it - Linesman and goalline assistant wametosha. Every team is given a goal they don't deserve at some point anyways. All in all, VAR Inatoa utamu wa bao bana!


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It's a much needed solution to football.

English teams have always been victims of dodgy referee decisions and it's also not a secret that Spanish teams(real and barca) always receive favorable decisions in champions league.

If VAR was used in that CL second-leg game between Real and Bayern,maybe Madrid could not have made it to the finals