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Every time a poster markets a new kijiji here I find myself clicking the link provided and then skimming through the site as I try to find out what could be different. Most of the time it ends in disappointment for me but of course not to everyone else because some actually join the new site(s). I believe there is a huge demand for forums (like this one here) but those that are coming up are more of the same thing...same members, same audience, same postings etc etc just a different domain. We still need forums that address different issues and are themed in such a way that attracts a different audience. Take for instance an automobile forum that deals with local models. We could have categories such as Japanese cars, European cars etc etc. I am sure @msalame grace would love to join that one. One may argue that such forums are littered on the internet but I can assure you that the audience is there....where on earth would you get an English forum discussing a Mazda Verisa or a Mitsubishi ColtPlus for instance? The demand for forums is there but the approach must be different.

Bhangi Iwe Huru

mimi hufikiria kuanzisha forum ya mapoko na ya walevi.... na
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What is it called again? I will surely explore it. i would hate to be so judgemental that i make my mind up before i Open it.
That forum is filled with hatred between Kenyans and Tanzanians. The only useful info iko hapo ni kwa FTA section. Lakini news politics and business sections are filled with cheap d*ck measuring contests that just fill up the empty space on the server.


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It's very difficult to start a forum. Ktalk is just a product of klist. Admin just happened to be at the right place at the right time. So unless something tragic happens to ktalk then it is here to stay.


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The reason people want to experiment with others is because owners here are trying to bend the users from their original reason for joining here. Speech is no longer free. Its a matter of time though.
Those people advertising their sites here are just stupid. If you cant part with Ksh 10,000 for a reasonably functional web application script just f**k off.
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