Stew maker

Senior Villager
So we finally settle for eld as the meeting point on 1st June.i depart Nakuru at around 2:30pm and by 5 pm am in eld.. The last time was here is more than 10yrs ago.i make a kol and she directs me to find her in maggies(never knew its a food joint).so I board a nduthi ask the guy where Maggie's is and he asks for 100bob, only to take me around and bring me back where we were and points to me a food joint in the opposite direction. I get in the joint and spot Kate at the right end near the stairs.we had met sometimes back when she was working in nakuru and since then wev been keeping in touch, after several advances she has finally agreed to meet me, with a strict instruction "any other place except nakuru ". Naweka Maji ya ugali nakuja