Villagers, how true is this about Garissa attack? 317 & not 148

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I think the number provided was correct otherwise there would be many families camping somewhere waiting for information on missing kin.


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I always took the figures with a pinch of salt, do also honestly believe only 68 people were killed in westgate over the three days of the siege?


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@bolingo hasn't said an extra 169 kids couldn't be traced. It is entirely possible for the actual deaths to be 300+ but the government arm twists RC to be conservative about the numbers. Every family still gets their body.
Case in pont the recent pokot massacre. I understand the figures are being cooked:oops::oops:


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So if the figures were cooked or not cooked hiii inawasidia aje
jipeni shughuli na hustle zenu muishi maisha mema hizi porojo ni za selfish politicians
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