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This Sex, Is Sex, How Sex, You Sex, Keep Sex, A Sex, Dumb Sex, Ass Sex, Busy Sex, For Sex, 20 Seconds.. Read This Again But Don't Say "Sex"
sometimes your choice of words disappoint me

... you come across as those guys who were always model citizens before the genocide in rwanda, but switched when the killing started
Well, bimbo mimi siku kwa idhaa ya ku dekeza kila saa, kama ni watch si nilikueleza bei yake kwa inbox na nika kushow lazima unipee kuma ndio nikubuyie ....!!!


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Here is the video again
You cant be heped.gif
Huh?still tryna reach...hebu how comes the video title says ni njaruo then the sound in the vid is comes the guy being hit is the only one running like the whole crowd isn't involved in the scuffle...bruh wtf! is wrong with yah. Sit there and push this when am for f**k sake get your shit together.Its a shame an OG like yah acting like a some dumb autistic youngin...going in every thread to pit two groups against each other- straight up bitch made nigga moves.
@coldpilsner is a salty bitch ass nigga-inb4 you make a weak ass clap back with some g** witty jokes