Vindu Vipasukanga!


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I can confirm to you the account is genuine I've just had lenghty discussion with Wanjigi regarding this matter and we will be meeting shortly in about two hours time
Ask him how he'll recover his loans when his debtors are globetrotting with Paybill money. They never even campaigned, so where did the billions go?


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This joker miguna is a flip flopper. Couldn't work well with others in pm office and scorned at the other side of grand coalition. Was dismissed and wrote a book to expose the corruption and criminal conspiracy at pm office. The goons were sent to teach him a lesson. Years later of being ignored and irrelevant he decides to ran for governor. His campaign is in media talk shows where he personally attacks his rivals. A humiliation follows at the ballot and irrelevancy follows. He wouldn't go down without one last attempt. He reemerges as RAT strong supporter looking for some appeasement. In between he say some alarming things and he worries about police sermons. He ran back to Canada to hide and watch as everything fails. This man is just a loud loser.


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niliandika thread kusema the guy is a coward. There's a nasarite on twitter who has sworn to stone him (raila) to death if he shows up at jacaranda and isn't sworn in. Movements eat their own. Raila said his is a movement a rolling wheel if you stop the rolling wheel it crashes you. Now he's trying to stop it.

Just like in the mau mau movement if you quit you were often chopped to pieces for defying the oath.