Visuals Good...BEAT LIT......LYRICS TOTAL GARBAGE THREAD- 2/3 eddison


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Man this guy was the only creep to me in that video...soon vifaranga kwa playground zitakuwa hifi in full force..

10gmp3l.png This bangs whenever i roll up on ya bishes drive way...
1503847841891.jpg Won't lie first top kek shit but after the fake ass jody breeze ain feeling him


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*** crap music nice beat tho! Kids need to finish college n do somthng good to mentor next generation.. Snop ant handle this isht kwa hiphop bet award hehehe
Like they are the worst ...look at these guys at their age kama meek 'weakest link' mill

to this
shitty music compared to uncle snoop who started here
is unfair like snoop been on a roll and never dropped the ball even his pop ..pops off!


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Msee stay in your lane old head sahi we arr in another era. Lil Uzi , young thug are GOATS(greatest of all time)
Lol....yeah that's why you won shit these year....i told y'all the old acts comeback new niggas riding on gas only....Uzi album trash ....kung fu Kenny on that billboard ladder and his album is over like 3 months old...even Drak ain got airplay this summer....remember the no fraud track ha! Accept be humble ...sit your raggedy bitch asses down...and these the top tier niggas wait till kina juelz and ace hood drop something and see the real AdLib masters at work...