Vituko za luthuli avenue

Tom Bayeye

Kinyozi wa Stima Jebedeyo
Chief Luthuli was a great South African freedom fighter, a contemporary of Nelson Mandela. We dishonour his memory by filling that street with dubious businesses.
Luthuli avenue was the 'african quarter' hawakua na choice,they squeezed all manner of businesses in there,the rest belonged to muhindis.West of tom mboya belonged to the kolonaizas. Imagine karumaindo ingekua loita street ama SJ iko kando ya intercon.
Try those areas at 9pm for some proper safisha macho adventure.
Jana nimerandaranda hizo area,bumped on some fine girl...she was too fine.i asked her mbona ako huko na vile ako mrembo...alijibu ,"I belong to the streets.". .


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Helll naah

Na vile me hukuona msmart, sometimes ni heri kukimya tu wadhii wasikusome
You and your 553 posts since you joined kijiji in 2018 cannot and will never be in a position to decide who is smart or otherwise, who akimye ama aongee, who asomwe ama asisomwee. Go back to school and at least register for a PhD ndio we engage brain for brain.