I am trying to make a choice between Toyota Axio and vw golf tsi. I would like to know from a car owner of the above models which one to pick looking at reliability, maintenance costs, spare part availability and overall ride experience.
I need help with more information on the golf.
How old are you?
also Depends axio ya mwaka gani The 2008 2009 are decent however the 2012 ones cant buy it. Its just away too noisy at even speeds as low as 70km, the interior is also a plastic garden, its also looks really hideous.
The vw is abettter car, take care of it well and you two will live happily there after.
Besides the price ya hizo axio mi hushanga mtu hununua nini
In the end of the day we want something to take us from point a to b.
If you are an OCD driven person who hates to have even the slightest fingerprint on your spectacles(if you wear such), like to have your shoes shiny, even at the end of the workday, own a pair or more of white sneakers, get the golf. The Germans made it for people just like you, it is a match made in heaven and you will love it. On the other hand, if you fancy shoes or anything else because everyone else has it, are worried about what amount of disposable income will be available once you make the car payments and yours is just purchasing because you want to move from point a-b and be part of society that owns a car, get the axio, It is a typical Toyota.
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