wadau huyu ameachiwa blessings kwa gate.


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Kama ni mtoi wangu nalea.. Bro wangu alifanyiwa hivi na kunguru flani.. The boy is in sec SAA huu.. And the kunguru woman wants to be in the boys life.
Kabisaa... Kuna cousin wangu alifanyiwa hivi last year. alichukua na akaandika mboch akalea saa hii the mother is really trying to get things back together but amekaa ngumu
Hii nimeona several times huko western. A certain guy who was dumped near a deep pit in his father's homestead grew up really bitter and he really hates his biological mother.
This happened to someone i know, baby mama dropped the child at his office, he took in the kid and reported her to the police for child endangerment. She came back the following day to ask for the kid but was denied. He filed for custody and was given the child. Baby mamas still crying saying she just wanted to hurt him like he had done her.
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Wacha ufala baba nanii... kids are very delicate. Just a slight mishandling anapata brain damage. For a kid who had been dumped by the roadside (as in left to die), it's an achievement that they survived to join secondary school.
Delicate ni mavi yako

wewe ulikufa time ulikuwa kwa ile shule ya D.E.B ukikunia juu ya mavi wengine wamekunia kwa school toilets that didnt have a proper roof na imejaa lizards and sometimes snakes

toa ujinga
How do you manage with work commitments?
I dont have the kid, she has the actual custody but am seeing him every weekend, and importantly am paying for his upkeep directly.

What i have learnt in all this seperation is, a woman will try to get back to the man in whichever form. Akiona wewe ukaa umejitoa na hutaki srtory za mtoi, mtoi atakurushia mtoto kwa gate, akiona umejitoa but unapenda mtoto, anaficha mtoi All in the name of getting back at you.

The 2 weeks i had the kid i employed a nanny, who is still there anaishi kwa SQ Its very cheaper for me. I dont eat in hotels anymore, clean house everyday, clean clothes everyday. Story za mama fua not any more.

Life is turning out to be very simple really...