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  1. I have an IPhone 6 stuck on a boot loop after replacing the screen. The phone turns on and stays on the brings on the logo for about 6 seconds and shuts down and starts all over again. Anyone ever encountered this problem? Where in NRB CBD can u recommend nipeleke hii simu juu nateseka sana!
  2. vipersnake

    vipersnake Village Elder

    In box me ..I will sort it for you
  3. Philip J. Fry

    Philip J. Fry Village Elder

    Ifixit wanasema as below :


    I figured out the problem. It was the front facing camera on the replacement screen! It would booted both with and without old camera attached to mother board. I installed the camera from old screen and boots perfectly now.

    I suggest detaching camera and then proximity sensor and see if it boots if so either keep it disconnected or install old camera/ sensor from old screen.

    Best of luck. 4013 I've learned is def a hardware issue you just gotta figure out what hardware if installed screen it is likely 1 of the 3 ribbons. Best of luck!
  4. Marketing 101

    Marketing 101 Senior Villager

    Ume jaribu ku install drivers?
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  5. Quadro k4000

    Quadro k4000 Village Elder

  6. Which drivers? I have the latest itunes, PC is updated na mac on el capitan with latest update. I have also tried several other PCs
  7. Vin Diesel98

    Vin Diesel98 Village Elder

    Some People Are Generally Slow.
    It was a joke, lol. Uliskia lini iPhone zikiekwa drivers? Kuwa msmarter msee
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  8. Hii iiaiirtiiiiiiiiiii
    Sasa na hiyo ujuaji yako ya iphones si usaidie
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  9. Patrome

    Patrome Village Elder

    Anafaa are battery aume ume
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