• Dear our beloved President Uhuru Kenyatta, We wish you a happy birthday and to thank you for your service to our country. You are an inspiration to the youths, and we pray you have many more years to keep up the good work you are doing! Happy birthday our president!! Happy birthday our leader!!


Niko hapa ukambani on an official tour undisclosed lokeshen. Me and my team have just discovered a very weird phenomenon. Since we got here yesterday our gadgets have been recording random changes with the time. At times several gadgets' time are a whole two hours apart despite having set to the automatic network providers time and manual setting. Sasa ata alarm ya kuamka kutafuta unga imekua ikilia mapema than set ama waaay later. Hii ni hujuma. Swali ni, kwani Cambodia timezone imerogwa?? 20170905_215234.jpg Screen_20170905_215241.png 20170905_215234.jpg 20170905_215234.jpg