I am on a thinking drive mode.

So am asking myself,mtu akiweka "dunga" au mawe kwa ile orbit earth huwa ina rotate on,does it mean depending on the time it was put the earth would remain like that,yaani kama iliwekwa usiku saa mbili,tutakaa namna hivyo hadi dunga itolewe....

Just thinking out loud lol

Azor Ahai

Village Elder
If you run clockwise at a speed greater than the speed of light, you will breach the time continuum and travel to the past. If you run counterclockwise at the same speed you travel to the future which is kinda dumb because you meet your own death. Moral of the story...life is for the living...stop dreaming.


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Your question is odd. The Earth rotates around its own axis. That rotation gives us days and nights. The Earth tilts on its axis, this gives seasons. Finally, the Earth orbit around the sun is not a perfect circle.

Sasa dunga your ground whenever you want to.