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Can you stay naked in your house if you are alone? I.e, from the kitchen cooking, watching news in the table room to taking a bath, dinning and finally to your bedroom? I find it exiting....


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Chunga ka-ugali chepe chepe/ujiuji kasikurukie vifaa nyeti.
Haha from experience ni noma

Its the most natural thing...there are no clothes in nature...skin being the largest body organ gets to breathe...IMO clothes make people unhealthy...clothes suffocate breathing skin, hide gruesome fat that one would otherwise get rid of if they could not ficha from scrutiny under jackets etc.

Nudity comes with confidence...and for confidence you wont be having 2 kegs for a belly

myself...boxer kwa hao iko poa...sitaki kufry kanyama ka dinner mafuta iruke...hehe

also noticed...when one is in shape the less clothes they wear as they are more confident and can choose comfort...CR9 level fitness will always toa shati even in winter -20C...while tumbo atwoli lazima avae baggy na koti na jua limewaka kama ahera...basically the more confident and physically fit you are...the more clothes optional

If you are in shape no one cares...people just don't wanna see human whales

Kama wewe nyangumi vaa kabuti in short...otherwise feel free...

Clothes are basically meant for adverse cold wet weather...ama kuficha kitambi na kilema...otherwise no need to hide what all humans have and no other creatures seem to care being in natural in nature...Hell My earlier Afrogenerations didnt...some in my generation european, african, japanese etc still dont and they were/are just fine

Umenikumbusha hekaya hehe
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Yes and it's quite liberating just chilling in your birthday suit. I started with sleeping, then working out, and gradually I came to love the freedom of nudity. Lakini kuna time nilichoma mbo-raw na sufuria ya ugali so if you're going to cook naked vaa apron.