Wahindi- Is this even legal?


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They keep away black kenyans coz they believe we are trouble makers.
You will have to prove this to the courts. Have they explicitly stated that anywhere? It may be true but proving it is difficult as f**k

Even country clubs do not admit non-members. In the event, a non-member wants to patronize the place he or she needs to be accompanied by a member who takes responsibility for any of his actions including bills and/or breakages.


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We used to have another one called Buz or Buzz around hio area in early 2000s, admission was mainly white.....blacks only allowed in at invitation/accompanied by whites. I got to know the place because of my then girlfriend, a whitey. Loved the place because of so many Xrated reasons ....but I hate such kind of discrimination esp when its carried out on our land.....The bigger picture here is racial discrimination