Wahu bado kanakuanga na tabia mbaya..the kapuka queen anapenda vitu kubwa


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How these two has been married for this long is surprising.
am guessing wahu, is one of those patient women, she married nameless at the peak of her career, nilifikiria wataachana tu, but at this stage wamesettle...I don't think she can leave him, ona vile Gladys alivurutana na Sam na vile ni wazee, just because Gladys was climbing the career ladder


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They had true love for each other. Also their marriage has passed the temptations stage
They are cool peeps and they love each other deeply despite the occasional infidelity on both sides once in a while. Monski rungu amekua akiosha rungu inje occasionally kama wanaume wengine. Bibi pia there was a rumour alikua anapigwa cable na Peter Nduati
 On the few accessions that I've interacted with them, they appeared to be genuinely good people.
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