walami wamecatch faya...

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Hope Africa cn stop fighting n corruption crap..at the time of our grand kids ..they will b ruling the world..theres a prophecy which says that..i will look for the source..


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This is what that first bitch put on her FB wall, Feb last year

Shirley J. Walker commented on iSideWith.
7 February 2014 ·
He continually breaks the law and ignores the Constitution. He has put our great country at risk and is in the process of destroying our military. He is a lier and is now using Executive Orders to dictate imposing his weird agenda on all of us. He and his wife are costing us a fortune with their expensive vacations and his constant flying around on Air Force One to make speechs. He has closed the White House to the citizens, but has no problem with hosting eloborate parties in the White House for his Hollywood friends. He uses the IRS, FBI, DHS, etc. to intimidate his critics. Now he has relaxed the restrictions on allowing people with terrorist connections into our country - again without any authorization from Congress. I don't believe this country has ever seen such a horrible President. He does not love or respect this country and probably stole the last election. He needs to be impeached and put on trial for treason.

“Disapprove, and think he should be impeached”
In response to the question: Do you approve or disapprove of the overall job Obama is doing as President?
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All heads of state have fierce critics. In fact, all well-to-do public figures have haters. It's part of the price of fame...

They say if you ain't got any haters then u probably ain't doing nothing right.

So this woman is a non-issue.


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Democrats should just sit back and let the republicans win. 1 term with Trump or Cruz as president and they wont believe how good they had it


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Lowest gas price in years... Lowest unemployment since 70's then a bitch anaanza perepere
Obama rescued their economy from total collapse after a rethuglican ANALyzed it. he saved the big three automakers from being cannibalized by arabs and chinese
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