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Thugs wa Thika wameachiliwa na bail ya 4 million each. I hope wako na 50 mil yote. I also hope wata-afford kulipa using that stolen cash. #NTV News


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Believe you me if the cops say they recovered 17 mirrions it was more like thirty. So if they have something haiwesmek ata 10m if we factor in the investment and the payouts.


Once they disclose the location of the rest of that money they will be found dead. Some detectives are in need of tax free money kwanza with njaanuary fast approaching


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He he the hustle if living as a a thief, they shall be terrorised by police day in day out, they won't enjoy a penny of their steal . Any time they leave their houses there shall be someone out to get a bribe .
Had of some bank thieves bank in the day , believe it wasn't enjoyable after all .