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Wanaume muache Ujinga ya Kuslide DMs- Ona huyu sasa ameanika Bibi.


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Hii nimeokota huko Mukuru kwa group ya walevi wa Kenya. I think he was high like the Naivasha dude. The stupidity level of this guy is astronomical wueh.

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Hii sampuli is a 10 year old boy stuck in a middle aged man's body...the only difference ya yeye na mtoto alizaliwa Jana ni ati anaweza jipangusa haga na kumwaga sperms fertile (hopefully)..best thing a woman can do when you encounter such men is ask them for a lot of money..most of them will run away to gossip with other boys of their league ..it works like magic....if he is dumb enough to send (na huyu ana kaa hiyo type) chukua doh na mnyime slices with madharau but not matusi, give sweet stories za kufanya atume more in the hope ata sherekea vitu "hii weekend", even offer a date then cancel last minute...play games with him.....if he doesn't agree to send money, and only wants to bore you with his small ego, completely ignore him and feel no guilt. Shenzi (atwoli accent)