Village Elder
Men at 20 - 55 be like ; Marriage ain't shit.
Niĩ Ndingĩhikania niĩ ona műbea nĩatuire. Mimi siwezi oa mtu mimi, nitakaa solo. Life begins at Sevendi.

Then gets lonely as f**k at 55, without even a child to send to a cigarette at the shop, or a woman to help hold his failing manhood when peeing.... then rushes at the market and marries whatever is available.... Gets children at Sigixte faĩ, and ends up looking like his children's ancestor.

Wanaume ili mskie leo, oeni mapema, mzae mapema, mlee mapema, muache kukaa kama great grand grand grandiose father of your children.
I know of such a relative so old he can't tell his kids shit! They won't listen to some old man with a fly's eyesight power
Conokai mũno.
That speed governing makes our women keepers

Unaweza muacha 15yrs na bado akuwe loyal

Unatoka zako Holland unampata she waited
Do you guys, all what am saying is that if your women did not get cut they would be just like our SQ’s maybe even worse because of all that sexual repression they have suffered for eons.

To each his own.
I think unaji - contradict. Unaweza zaa watoi na usikae na mama yao. Kazi ni kulipa child support
Child what? How about delivery to the child's needs without cash or convertibles to the mother? Sending stuff which can only come from daddy? How about weaning them off her sphere of influence early in life with good schooling with numerous visits & other engagements over holidays? Apana tambua burukenge! DNA ni lazima, tena mapema vibaya. Wacha hiyo ng'ombe iendelee kupambana na parasite na masharti na kusalamiana na waume wengine ndani ya kunguru aliyemfuga...si yeye ni shujaa eti.