Want to be happy??stop doing the following

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1. Beating yourself down
We sometimes exert a lot of
negative energy on ourselves which
sometimes lead to mental health
issues. Beating yourself down can
be mental or even be physical. As
a wise man once said, “We are our
own worst enemies”.
2. Being afraid
Fear stops us from doing a lot in
our lives. There are two types of
fears that I would love to talk
about here. The fear of failure and
the fear of success. Both are sides
of the same coin but have a
distinct difference in impact. The
fear of failure stops us from doing
something in the first place. You
are afraid you will fail and it is
better to just not try. You will
never reap anything if you do not
take a risk.
Secondly, the fear of success. This
strips us from ever finishing
something. To use an example of
many writers who fear that if they
write something and it becomes a
hit, they will never be able to
replicate that. It is a fear shared
by many creatives and
entrepreneurs. It is also a fear that
can come into play in our personal
lives. For example, the fear that
once you find love you will end up
messing it up.
3. Judging yourself
It is sad that at times we look at
ourselves through the eyes of those
around us. Worse still is if you
take what they think for Gospel
truth. We end up judging ourselves
with rules and laws that are not
even ours. You see yourself as ugly
because some people say that the
beautiful ones are light
skinned.There are many instances
where we place the same
prejudices placed upon others on
ourselves and this stops us from
being happy.
4. Doubting yourself
Doubt. There is a fine line between
this and fear. But there are some
who are not afraid to take risks
but end up not doing anything
because they doubt their abilities
and skills.
5. Waiting on others
Last but not least is waiting on
others. You will never be happy if
you wait on other. This is because
people are most often not reliable
and the disappointment can make
a big dent on you. Also as much as
you love someone else you can’t
base your happiness on them being
happy. You might end up spending
a lot of time in the same state
waiting on them to come around
and yet you could be on a different
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