Washika dau saidia


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You're addicted to sex, your hook is lanyes. There are readily available and affordable.

What you do is chock your triggers, in most cases is porn or dirty talk or flirting.You realize the ladies you flirt with or get attracted to are not the same you sleep with. So, kill the hunger that makes you go for the hunt.

Another way is to divert the desire. Create a 'thirst' for your GF or wife. Whenever such thoughts occur think of her or ways you can get satisfied doing the same things with her.
Let her call or sms you oftenly as possible.

In a nutshell,
>Be creative in your bedroom affairs
>If single get a girl or fwb
>Make a decision to stop watching porn
>Space your Kawasaki sessions, skip a day or 2
>Stop associating beauty with sex.
>Get a carpenter to measure your height and width, usitusumbue na sanduku. Ruwere.