Waswahili wa Mombasa

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Mimi wenye niliogopa ni Wagunya (mix ya Arab en Indian) wknd ikifika hua wanachomoka mtaani in groups dressed in those masks but once wafike tao usitake jua nini iko under tht buibui...stockings pekee


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Why do guys fear this women?
Speak for yourself.
I used to live annd work amongst these women majority of them were TZ and Wariah Kenyans/Tanzanians. They are just as horny and naughty and normal as any woman if not worse but i used to bang a TZ one her name was Halima; Sema upishi bora na jaro za kistaarabu!....
The weirdest thing is that every night i went to her place kabla we go to bed after like a cool indoors evening and a nice meal of vitumbua ,samaki wa kupaka,pilau etc. she would have a long bath alafu she would get in those Bui bui things and anachoma "hudi" (those things that look like mosquito coil and have a strong smell when they burn)
Alafu she would stand over the burning "udi" legs spread wide open wearing nothing but the buibui for a long time ati anatoa the fishy smell of nyap!
I have to say it worked juu i would go South on her tukifanya wegeje and hiyo nyap it tasted like Vanilla.(No word of a lie!)
You have to give it to them for maintaining clean nyaps - i did!!!! kikikikkiiiiii!!!!


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hahahahaha,Who fears them Kabuda.I have always dated and sampled them and got married to one of them,No regrets mpaka wa leo.
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