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How much do you wanna be able to watch EBRU TV on ?

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Current stations offered:
  1. Aviation
  2. Fountain
  3. KISS
  4. Bunge
  5. K24
  6. KTN
  7. Citizen
  8. Kass
  9. NTV
  10. Family
  11. KBC

Also, on a previous posting (that I don't think was in the correct category), I got feedback ya kuwawekea Ebru TV. So, lemme ask, how much do you guys want to watch Ebru online ndio tuwatafute?
Speeds za Kenya ziko average. At the moment, media houses zingine zinaupload low quality. So... sadly, all we can do is to wait until average speeds za nchi zifike atleast 20MBps.
Pole sana.
But, coming soon - HD Kenyan shows. Coming soon.
Reason I'm asking is because I can get the 240p quality from their youtube livestreams. If you can fetch it from a better source(Even the digital broadcast is 480p at least), you can stand out from the crowd ama?
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