Watchmen to carry guns and arrest civilians as new regulation takes effect, mtaamka!


Village Elder
- The regulations indicate private security service provider shall as far as is reasonably possible use non-violent means in arresting any suspected offender
- Once the arrest is made, the guards who will now be armed with guns and not rungus will hand over the suspect to the nearest police station
- Besides making arrests, private guards will be involved in escorting cash in transit (CIT), replacing the police in that line of work
- They will be allowed to use armoured and rapid response vehicles and even blare sirens and flash warning lights during emergencies

n the gazette notice by the Interior CS Fred Matiang'i, the watchmen as they are commonly referred to will also be privileged to use armoured and rapid response vehicles and even blare sirens and flash warning lights to clear the highways during emergencies. According to the gazette notice published on Friday, July 12, the guards will have the power to arrest by non-violent means any persons suspected to have committed a criminal offence and then hand over the suspect to the nearest police station.


Village Elder
It will work, but with only meticulous planning that will involve intensive training of the guards, on both gun handling and mental stability. The legislation should also have strict control of gun ownership and use by the private security companies. No guard should be allowed to go home with a gun.


Village Sponsor
Simple minded people are thinking about luhyia Watchmen pale g4s na lavington security.

Sa ii a businessman like Paul Kobia can register his security firm, and have armed militia, legally, and they can arrest you.

ii maneno ilianzishwa na hawa wazungu wanaiba mashamba wakijificha kwa conservancies.

The white madam who was butchered in Naivasha by his own militia

NRT are the ones who pushed this bill, and will now have a private army operating in North Eastern kenya, including meru and isiolo.

They will drive you out of your lands and if you resist they will arrest and even kill you.


Village Elder
Si Matiangi ana mentality ya soja "implement, policy to follow"? He should just have said from today henceforth the government will be offering a course at Kiganjo for guards who will be licensed to carry firearms.
What I know is that kuna kampuni zitasaidika na hii sheria mpya. Especially KK or BM Security. Am sure they are the ones pushing for this new rule. G4S apana. The guys wamefanya research na wakaona Kenya is not a country where you can arm your guards.
In Britain even actual police do not have handguns, and security is still top notch. This is the kind of stupid reasoning that has led to regular mass shootings in the US. Instead of curbing illegal guns, because they know where they come from, they suggest placing even more guns in the hands of the "good guys". Regular police and DCI officers have been known to rent out their guns to criminals, but we're expected to believe watchmen can never be compromised?