Water Bill Issue

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Hey Guys,

So I get a water bill from my land lord and it varies greatly from month to month, in January for example the bill comes to ksh500 and this i fell is grossly feel was overcharged and I text and ask how the bill is calculated...
I understand that the electricity bill for pumping the water is included in that cost but i still think that it is too high.

Anyways I text and ask in a repsectful ad polite way why it is so and I get back a text that says "If you feel that i am charging you too much you are at liberty to relocate"

How do you respond to that without being disrespectful...and I have no plans to relocate soon?


Depends on the work place @Unicorn some have their own houses but work in a place where there is no choice but to be a tenant.

Demand a separate meter though it will backfire because landlords are demi gods and know once you leave another tenant is in alafu ukiwa kichwa ngumu like some guy in Nai alingolewa mlango and his place sprayed with human waste.
Labda huyu ni wale wa ku complain at every little detail hadi the landlord had enough. Hawezi mjibu hivyo out of nowhere.


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Problems za mabachelor they never want to part with their money unless they are giving to a pu**y carrier ama amekutana na mauki corner mbaya.
Hey guys, lets be clear, my main issue is that I normally pay 250 - 280 no problem, lakini suddenly the bill comes to 500 without any reason at all. What will stop the bill one day coming to 700. Even KPLC adjusts their bill if the issue is genuine


Men don't talk over text. Go to him personally. Hata mimi text niliachia mpesa na safaricom wakiniremind to buy data
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