Watermelon ilienda ?


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Tutashtuka alikuwa secret mission in Europe to make sure arms reach the country without alerting authorities till it's too late...or attending to his wife, there was a story that she was ill. UoN imefungwa, so hawezisema anasomea exams. :D:D:D


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Kalonzo anaona ujinga ya baba na Wajaluo wake and he feels like hiding somewhere and weeping bitterly. asking himself "what's all this?"
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someone whispered on how their son, read kalonzo ni coward when it comes to kuvuta shisha na GSU
The man from Tseikuru, Kalonzo is mysteriously missing .

Alipotelea ?
Could be he's sourcing for financing abroad, or that his wife is in hospital.
But I'm more anxious to see whether he would agree to be Raila's running mate again, if the election is pushed to Jan, now that Nasa is saying there needs to be fresh nominations.
We might have a falling out between Kalonzo and Raila before the end of the year, whether an election is held on 26th or not.