Watu wa NGO tafadhali..


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I really want to do something that will leave a positive impact in people's lives, people who need help but don't have much of it coming there way.

I'm yet to decide between these three issues. Cancer patients that can't afford care. People with mental health issues that can't access care, underage sexual workers that lack a support system to get the out of the rut. I want to found a non profit that deals with one of these three issues and I want us to do this together. I need your input and insights.

I know practicaly nothing about starting, leave a lone running a non profit, but I have the passion and the will. Please help me choose between these three issues and give me your ideas on how I should go about it. We'd especially love to hear from those who work in the NGO world. Asande..tag daktari.


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I'm also typing on phone ,I doubt you can write a good proposal for that project.Hapa nani ngombe? View attachment 123158

Afande, kwa hiyo @jerrydubiz........

Hehehe chief, we want to be part of the solution..
Most of these big local ngos whose directors you see balling started small, operating on shoe string budgets mainly from personal sources and only started attracting and qualifying for reliable funding on their third or fourth year of existence.

So if you if you really want to be part of the solution, identify an area with need, initiate an intervention within your reach and the rest will fall in to place, but note that you will have to be patient to achieve financial stability.
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