wazazi bwana..eish

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Senior Villager
A man from Molo escaped mob
justice narrowly yesterday after
he killed his son for eating
The father who is always drunk
went back home and found
his kangumu missing and after
asking, he was told that his son
had eaten. He beat him up badly
despite his pleas for forgiveness.
Neighbours said that the
children’s mother left after
constant wrangles with the father
and since then, they have been
surviving on their mercies.
On that day, the younger boy was
so hungry and ate
the kangumu which his father had
kept for himself.
He beat him up with a stool until
it broke into pieces and he
succumbed on his way to hospital.
The local Chief said that a
manhunt for the father is
underway and that plans are in
place to have the children taken
to a Children’s Home.
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