Weightlifting Since 14 , She Reveals Photos Of Her Physique


Village Elder

A woman who has been weightlifting since she was 14-years-old is back after an 18-month absence and been revealing photos of her impressive physique.

Natalia Kuznetsova, a Russian power-lifter, had retired after achieving a number of titles, including European champion for the bench press and dead-lift.

She also has world records under her belt – one for bench press and three for dead-lift.

Natalia said she got into bodybuilding when she was just 14-years-old and weighing less than 40kg (six stone).

She’d originally taken up body building in the hope of gaining weight but said she ‘soon found herself transfixed by the sport’,

Now weighing 90kg (14st), Natalia said she had been looking forward to getting back in the gym and lifting heavy weights again.

She trains for several hours every day and makes sure she sticks to a strict diet, and instead of adding spice and sauce to her food, she ‘adds protein powder’.