Wembe ni ule, ule.

The same rigging machinery that was used to rig in the drunk - Uhuru and thief - Loot-all is the same one that will be used against the latter. He was a "beneficiary" and is slowly but surely falling out with the "true owners" of the machinery.

So he has started crying foul and raising false alarms.

Whenever some of us advocated for systems that are free and fair, close to being beyond reproach, matusis were hurled at us that we are sore losers.

Let him cry a river with the false assassination narrative to ratchet up emotions amongst his so called base. Has he recorded a statement yet? Please wake us up when he does.

Wembe ni ule, ule.


Village Elder
Razor blade is that that, night arrow is returned on the same path.
WSR ametetema dynasties.
C what obako did in 10 yrs against what the dynasties have done since independence


Village Sponsor
RUTO won't be allowed to be president ....... unless mnataka another 26 years of moi like presidency full of kalenjins running everything , huyu LOOT ALL kimbaa church murderer should never be president !

Doc Oga

Village Elder
The same people rejecting Ruto are the same very people who rejected Uhuruto and lost. They will fail again come 2022 solely for lack of a better an alternative candidate(RWNBP). Liwe liwalo Uncle DP Tano Fresh.