Wenger Out Sacco

Big G

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What's the point? Even staunch Arsenal fans will tell you that Arsenal are headed nowhere! It's going to be a very disappointing season for Arsenal.

I guess it's time to be a football fan and to start enjoying watching Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Spurs, etc. play.
Hell,time to start enjoying tottenchieth n mau wakikamua teams zingne....hakuna ku invest feelings or money i ssn
Champions league without arsenal will be the most boring ever . 80% of world wide football fans are gunners ngojeni muone ratings na profit zikienda chini.
Hahaha. Arsenal itself has been performing miserably in this tournament, yet football fans all over the globe have been glued to the screen to watch epic matches at the quarters, semis and final levels. Liverpool and AC Milan were once some formidable force in CL with a better trophy record than Arsenal, yet currently, no one gives a damn if they are in or not. In short, in the end, guys will pay attention to good entertainment & if the current squad is good enough then that's what they go with. Don't let your frustrations get into your head!
Kusema ukweli wenger na hao watu wako incharge ya kutafuta players ni mafala sana. Walikuwa wanajua Sanchez amechoka kukaa arsenal so instead of looking for a player early they delayed until the last day. Now they are even trying to spend 92M to buy Lemur who by the way prefers to join Liverpool.