We're fucked


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Eti all kenyans follow the law?
Do you know of any country where everyone follows the law?

Fact is every country has thieves. The difference between primitive countries like Kenya and developed countries is that the latter has mechanisms built into their systems to prevent or reduce fraud and thievery. Here in Kenya money disappears mysteriously and it cannot be traced.

Look at America now. Big names close to the president like manafort na wengineo are going to jail. trump himself is under investigation.
You have to be realistic in life. In every population, there will be a certain percentage that doesn’t conform to the norm. Think of a population of purebred black dogs, you will have brown dogs. An anomaly. In Kenya’s instance, these will be the criminals. The ones who don’t follow the law.
How many Manaforts are there as a comparison to the US population. Did u forget the other 246 million people who follow the law to the book. This is what I mean by all Kenyans.
In any scientific extrapolation, there is no absolute in anything. In my opinion, it’s always a mistake to compare the US to Kenya in any aspect. Different domains.
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How can the law be followed unless peasants are well conversant with it through civic education, again how can it be followed when there is no patriotism. It's impossible for monkeys to follow the law voluntarily unless it is strictly enforced by recalling back that Kamiti hangman.
True but the hangman is part of the monkeys. So change is required from the monkeys first.


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The problem with Kenya is the electorate, that is, you folks, and the choices you make during elections. I consciously threw away some of my votes by thinking issues and integrity and picking people aligned with these, even though they where unlikely to win the popularity contest.

My hands are therefore clean on this matter, and I have no regrets. The blood for all that is wrong with the country is in your hands
Kenyan people move like a school of fish. All together in one direction. Today complaining about the number of counties, next month this scandal, month after Ruto scandals, another month comes in with a new set of scandals. Always forgetting the last.
But the bottom line is, no matter how many constitutions we erect, the country will only change when all Kenyans begin following the law.
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