Wetang'ula: I'll succeed Raila as opposition chief...


Village Chief
NASA co-principal Moses Wetang’ula has declared that he will succeed their leader Raila Odinga.

The Bungoma Senator-elect said he will vie for the presidency in 2022 after the ODM leader makes his retirement plans public.

He told a gathering at Christ the King Catholic Church in Bungoma town on Sunday that he is best placed to replace the opposition leader.

"I sacrificed my ambition to support Raila in the just concluded elections for the sake of opposition's unity. This was despite having launched my presidential bid."

Kweli all dreams are valid.
The guy is just testing the waters, he knows he and madvd can't be on the same sinking titanic and with the embarrassing outcome of JP chunking a huge part of the western block things are not rosy.