The recent revelation about DJ Mo pretending to be poor so as to know if Size 8 was into him for his money makes me wonder if all rich people should do the same? First of all, Size 8 herself was not poor and even went to better schools like Brookhouse than DJ Mo who grew up in rural areas. Secondly, I dont consider DJ MO to be a wealthy man by any standards. Infact Size 8 is a bigger celebrity than DJ Mo, so maybe she is the one who should have pretended to be poor. That said, I prefer DJ Mo style to that of men who prefer to be wealthy to lure women into marriage. Only for the truth to come out when its too late to turn back. Ofcourse things do change and also not all that glitters is gold , a man can be from a wealthy family but be poor himself without his parents support. A man can be very wealthy but come from a family with a million dependents where he is the only source for that family.For example I know a woman who married a surgeon but they had no money because he was the sole provider for his over 40 siblings, his dad had 6 wives. I know there are gigolos in Nairobi who survive on reach women as well, where they research and target reach women and masquerade as reach men. Ive heard of one who hired a couple to act like his parents in an upmarket furnished apartment. I also know reach men who will not marry a poor woman or a woman with siblings depending on her no matter how good she may be as they see it as kurudishwa nyuma.

Personally, I believe in marrying a person of your social economic because then you never have to wonder if they married you out of genuine love or out of greed. I see nothing wrong in being reach as a minimum irreducible even if you, yourself are not reach. Maybe you bring something else of equal value on the table such good genes that will reproduce beautiful kids for an ugly/elderly man/woman. I know people who will not marry people from other tribes/religion/sect/denomination dark skinned people or people from different races like Jews and those championing the white race being kept pure. After all everyone is entitled to their preferences. I also believe in alot of similarity even in family of origin will protect you from a marriage that is too different from what you are used to. Even in our modern day lifestyles where its hard to know someone inside out and a man or woman can take up any persona and then pretend to be something which is opposite what they are, one can hire a private eye for as little as 60k to investigate their suitors background,credit status - if they have loans or have absconded ,if they have a criminal record, the family background, if they have kids or other families. It is unfair for you to be burdened with your suitors baggage when you can find a suitor who has little or no baggage.

Swali langu ni, if you were single and had no kids, would you marry a man or woman with kids already or who was married before maybe divorced ? If you are well to do would you marry a man or woman of a lower socio economic class? Is love really blind to such things? Can you overlook the fact that ,either your partner is a single mother/father, is a divorcee with kids they are supporting or comes from a poor family with plenty of dependents?

Old Monk

Village Elder
Single Mother :NO
Lower socio... : Niko down already so Yes
Divorcee @ <28 yrs NO hapo iko shida kubwa.
Overlook: I said No to single mothers and divorcees.

Her personality.

fisi fc

Village Elder
1. Knows how to prepare healthy meals
2. No tatoos or crazy piercings.
3. Absolutely no smoking
4. Must conduct herself with respect