what did Somali people do to the world?

1. Australia and New Zealand refuses visas for Somali citizens
2. Somali citizens can only obtain short-term visas (study, tourist or business) following enhanced screening while Iranian citizens can only enter the United States under student visas (study, vocational or student exchange).
3. Under the New Visa Policy initiated by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Somalia remains in the B-list along with India. Somali citizens coming from abroad will no longer qualify for visas from embassies of Pakistan. Somali students and family living in Pakistan must possess a recommendation letter and visa extended permission from the government of Pakistan. Police registration is required within 7 days of getting a visa from the government.
Very true, then if you were to add the part where very many Somalis bought Kenyan citizenship, until the government had to take measures to harass indeginous Muslims, while immigration guys kept selling the passports at higher prices now.
Usimwambie reality.

Let the sleeping dog lie.


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They have a long rich coastline, with valuable resources, and indefatigable spirit. Their oppressors want to exploit their wealth without paying a single coin


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Swarming all over the world and importing relatives, then forming enclaves within which terrorists breed and find protection. Visit Nyayo House someday and see how new ones are bought identities by those that preceeded them.
this here is the problem.

one Somali lady my mum helped some years back (gosh that somali girl was HOT!!!) had a case as well. She stayed at our place for two months, then transferred sijui where, and ended up getting asylum in Australia. Akafika airport, akasema that now that she has arrived, she'd like her daughter to come. mind you she was 18 years old and couldn't speak a word of english. probably 100 words of swa but was very fluent in italian and somali.

authorities in Australia were like, eh?? si your asylum docs zilisema hauna mtoto. which means pia pengine kuna bwana. she stayed in ausi for a week and returned to nyairofi and back to isich. we do not know what happened to her after that.