What if

What if every race (as is defined in modern times) moved back to their lands of origin, which continent would be hit hardest ? By overpopulation of course.
All White Europeans moved back to Europe
All Blacks moved back to Africa (Blacks of African Origin)
All Asians moved back to Asia (Arabs, Chinese, Indians, Koreans...)

while at it, enjoy some of the motherland's offings


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imagine leaving the mines in SA to a blek seuth efriken....
or the oil fields in naijo to de black man...(already dis won is a dizasto)
Wahindi wako Kila mahali kwa hii dunia kama bacteria wakirudi kwao itabidi wapangwe kama wamesimama kama posts
Europeans would also be packed kama sardines. Imagine Millions of Australians, New Zealanders, Boers and Anglo-South Efrikens, Argentinans, White Peruvians, Brazilians, Mexicans and all other White South Americans, Canadians, White Americans, Wote wakirudi to that small Europe, inaeza kua Bangladesh ingine