What is happening to our Luo brothers.


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Recently i have watched debates on all TV channel, and what i cannot fail to notice is how Luo's are pitted against each other. Most prevalent Tuju vs Magaya. Every time the two meets it becomes too much of personal attacks.

Magaya is very intelligent person and highly admirable for that. It evident that he is taking a hard-line to establish himself as the kingpin which I think is possible after Orengo and Raila disappears from the scene after 26th Election. Rumour has it that Raila is pissed-off by Orengo for introducing the fake documents in the court. Raila never intended to win the petition.

On the other Tuju is on a revenge mission. He is the only Jubilee main man in Luo-Nyanza but the question is, will the luo forgive him for being liberated from ALIAR?


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luos, kikuyus and kalenjins should just get a room have intercourse with each other ndo watuachise upuss.... they seem to think that the country revolves around them
Funny though, how it does?

Very lame. You should have left at “get a room”