The Hutu- Tutsi conflict has several sides. The side that says that colonial masters favored Tutsis over Hutus. That led to marginalization of Hutus that led to the genocide of Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Now the other side says that Kagames militia was responsible for shooting down the plane which was carrying leadership that was a kind of nusu mkate at the time that is seen as the catalyst for the genocide .The second narrative says that Kagame wanted to overthrow govt so he sacrificed his fellow Tutsis mostly poor Tutsis. The elite Tutsi Were already out of the country before genocide under Kagames advice. After Tutsis were killed for close to 3 weeks. Kagames militia moved out of their hiding place in the forest and advanced to look like they saved the situation, infact they did no such thing instead they targeted places with large civilian grps of Hutus fleeing the way, at one point the Kagame militia attacked a stadium filled with Hutus mostly women,children,the wounded n ill and elders and the militia systematically executed several thousands Hutu moderates who were seeking refuge from the war wereva they could find them in large groups with no security. This was not the only instances Hutu refugees were rounded up and killed enmass. Now,the genocide in DRC of over 6M is linked to Kagames pursuit of Hutu refugees labelled genocidaires in DRC. Kagame and Museveni joined forces to pursue rebel grps including Konys group that escaped to DRC. They invaded DRC massacred refuged and even plundered minerals with the approval of UN,US,UK bcz of the 2004 genocide. Many rebel grps in mineral rich areas in DRC are supported by Kagame,Museveni,US,Kabila Laurent to protect their interests and operations. Some include mass displacement of populations in mineral rich areas by sending militia to chase pple out of villages so that those areas are deserted n mineable. So ukweli uko wapi? Is Kagame as heroic and innocent as he is painted in the Rwandan narrative of the genocide? Or are all these Hutu propaganda against Kagame.
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The assault in the stadium was by the goverment backed Iterhamwe and it was Tutsis in there. Not Hutus.
Any Tutsis that got out of the country were lucky enough to do so and this was long before the massive slaughter started. Killings had been going on for more that 3 months before the fullbon killings started.
Whichever way you look at it, Kagame did something while the world did nothing.

Sasa tusafishie macho.

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My country is like a merry go round that never stops,am dizzy from focusing on it.
The Tutsi were handled power by their former masters after independence . Just like what most communities would have done they favoured their fellow tribal men resulting to haterage by the Hutu later on external forces used it for their own interests providing the hutus with firearms,machetes for the perfection of the genocide

As I said many societies would have done the same if they were given powers (even out here Kikuyus did the same and in many parts of the world) the only near country not affected I can say is Tz because of Nyerere wiseness not having any tolerance on tribalism and uniting his people ..
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I only read fiction. Its a documentary! I will post link if I find it online
I think I know the documentary you are talking about and it's from the BBC and they were kicked out of Rwanda...I've read and watched more than enough about the genocide to know that the only question that should be asked is how neighbor could turn against neighbor and how the international community stood and watched as a whole people were almost wiped off the face of this earth in 3 months. Tutsi's were being killed on an average of 8000 a day! You only do that after serious planning.

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