what kenyantalk has taught me

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since i first signed up afew week ago, i have read majority of the posts herein this category. i can say am amzed yet ave learnt alot in equal measure assuming that these stories are real..hehe najua hekayamen and women pia wako
1. kenyans love sex and not just sex ..hot satisfying sex mpaka nuns
2. for team mafisi,any woman is game from your wife's sister to your bosses mboch.
3.if ur girlfriend can keep a cleansheet against team mafisi for along period of time then never ever (* 50+1) leave her.
4.on the other hand if team mafisi make ur girlfriend aokote "mpira ndani ya net" ata wewe nunua jersey ya team mafisi na utaufute first team position.
5.never make decisions when u are as horny as f**k..utalilia chooni..marie stopes ama kwa court.
6.never ever trust a woman with ur whole heart..wacha kidogo
7. true love is the name of a kenyan magazine..nothing more nothing less.
8.everybody kissess and tells..no one is innocent


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Hahahaha am loving this....how can you make your girlfriend not to cheat?i have seen several women cheat.
Like Bernie Mac said, You give her the Ndiick!! Kama hutoshi unga, just accept kuna jamaa she feels nothing for apart from that 12 inch Member of his. Utapikiwa vizuri, uoshewe nguo, upigiwe pasi etc ndio uskie kama mwanaume. Si MOG wamewaimbia ngoma "hiyo ndogo Tosheka nayo", eniff said


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most women cheat on men with big dicks; hiyo 12 inch sio blessing ama achievement as some think… ladies dating/married to men with hiyo size cheat more for an average weenie !
Hiyo story ya 12 inch d*ck inakuaga tu mere fantasy . Even the Congolese who are reputed to have over average long dicks never come anywhere near 9.The longest is around 8.7.Hekaya muache.
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