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  1. Twist6015

    Twist6015 Villager

    I'm dry, hot and tired after runing. I want to drink cold water, but it's disadvantage to body. So I should use which drink.
  2. The gunner

    The gunner Village Elder

    Night running to be specific. Sisi tunajaribu kulala wewe nikukimbia
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  3. Kombora

    Kombora Village Elder

    Warm water and will be better with glucose
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  4. Purple

    Purple Moderator Staff Member

    Hii robot irudishwe factory for a reset
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  5. 10000 OTHERS

    10000 OTHERS Village Elder

    Haiya nandio mi huchapwa after kuchemsha kifua.:(:(:(
    Ni risks kama gani
  6. 4star

    4star Village Elder

    Si basi warm water..ama hii ni tricky qstn?
  7. kymnjoro

    kymnjoro Village Elder

    KC au CANE will do you good, then unyambe ulale
  8. 4makind

    4makind Village Elder

    I think this one has a point.......
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  9. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    you are all talking to nyawawa....
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  10. Prometheus

    Prometheus Village Elder

    isotonic water.
  11. EngineerLMG

    EngineerLMG Village Sponsor

    Don't drink water. Drink hydrogen hydroxide.
  12. Jimit

    Jimit Village Elder

    old man nyawawa hupitanga kwenyu?
  13. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

  14. Jimit

    Jimit Village Elder

    utapatwa na heart attack ikipita kwenyu day moja
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  15. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    I had an incident of culture shock one night in South Nyanza when woken by this racket at three am. Didn't know what it was...
  16. Jimit

    Jimit Village Elder

    walikuongelesha?? ama ni ngoma tu ndo walikua wanapiga?
  17. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    NI mangoma tu na mikembe walikuwa wanapiga wakipita. Kesho yake ndio host wangu akaelezea
  18. Jimit

    Jimit Village Elder

    ungechomoka nje ndo wakuonyeshe venye hao hufanya wanaume :D Men at work
  19. Twist6015

    Twist6015 Villager

    Hi, what kind of water is isotonic water?
  20. Twist6015

    Twist6015 Villager

    Thanks for your sharing.