What makes respectable citizens turn to looters and thieves?

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Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Hii lorry ilianguka Bonje on sato and Kenyans had a field day looting, from private cars to buses and matatus everyone helped themselves.
That's why i say 90% of ALL Kenyans are potential thieves. Some would rather dedicate all their energy to steal something worth less than 2k than save a life that is priceless.
Bonje is a black spot between Miritini and Mazeras



Bhangi Iwe Huru

They feel good about getting one over the system. When you're continuously the loser, you take any chance to feel like the winner. It's a big f**k you to the "Man".
In other news, the price of cups in Bonje has hit rock bottom. "We can't give them away," residents complained, urging the government to intervene and stabilise prices


Village Chief
Most of those who shout loudest about corruption do so when they are nowhere near anything to eat. Put them on the gravy train and you be shocked at the transformation.


Village Elder
Its a natural human adaptation. People do things as a group and all they need is a leader. It is instinctive and you have to be probably among the few with intelligence higher than the majority to avoid it. It is also the genetic adaptation behind revolutions, lynching, fashion, cooperation in building human society, etc.
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